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Sales Training Online Course
Sales Training!

The Ultimate Secrets to How to Sell! DO IT NOW!
In this Sales Course, you will discover the Why Behind the Buy.  If you truly believe in the product or service that you are offering, then you will want to make sure that every single person or company that is attracted to your product truly understands and believes in your ability to help them and their company get to the next level in what they are doing.  No buyers remorse here!

When you enroll for the Complete Sales Course you will get:

  • An Interactive workbook-providing a play-by-play script along the way!
  • Learning Checks Points – to reinforce each step along the way.
  • Real life examples bringing the course to life!
  • A tried-and-true Model – The Why-Buy Model for Success!
  • H.E.L.P – Guaranteed solution to any Objections you run into in the sales process.

In this simple 7 Chapter Course you will be able to quickly close sales now.  Don’t wait to learn the secrets to the sell.  You will have everything you need to close sales now AND have a consistent model to plug into for every client meeting you have.

Use the button above or this link below to see the course curriculum and register.


Here is the Intro to Sales Training – How to Sell!

Enroll in Sales Training

Sales Training FREE Mini Course!

You’ve got it!! Here is your FREE Mini Course – starting with Part II of the Sales Training Course.

FREE Mini Course – Enroll Here

An Online Customer Service Skills Course
Customer Service Skills- The Shift!

Customer Service Skills for the Exceptional Customer Experience! Business Growth.
So what do we mean by “The Shift!” Simply put you can’t improve in Customer Service until you SHIFT.  Shift the way you are thinking.  Shift the way you are responding. Shift your actions and reactions to match your Mission, Vision and Values.

Customer Service does not reside on an island – it is a living breathing part of your company.  Every conversation, every emotion and every transaction must imbibe these skills.  Without exceptional customer service you will be like every other company out there.

What makes your company unique?  How about something as simple as CONSISTENTLY working through and helping every client/customer with their issue until it is completely resolved.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?  How many companies actually do this?  Far and few between.  Be the company that makes the SHIFT now and you will see employee and customer satisfaction excel!

In this Dynamic Online eLearning Program, your teams’ skills will evolve quickly and simply.  You can easily take this program and virtually hold team or company meetings on each aspect of the online course.  You can even download a piece at a time and teach others in small chunks of time.

Keep in mind – if you need help coaching your teams – We’re here for you.  We provide individual as well as team coaching to increase results quickly and easily for all.

Here is the Intro to Customer Service Skills – The Shift!

Enroll in Customer Service Skills
Sales Training

Improving Sales by Design

Looking for more clients? Looking for new sales with current clients? Yes, more is better – by design! What’s the other four letter word for sell?…”Help” We will show you the most effective methods to close the deal AND how to create the dynamic sales team!

Customer Service Training

Exceptional Customer Experience

Exceptional Customer Service is possible for every organization. Do you want long-term relationships with your clients? Than build it! How? Simple! Listen and they will come! Create customer touch points and find your competitive edge through The Customer Experience.

Leadership and Management Training

Management Consulting and Training

Leaders breathe the mission, vision, and values into the organization every day by setting the standards and creating an accountable team ready for success. Creating strong leadership skills are critical to establishing the effective management team.

Customer Service Training

Strategic Planning and Facilitation

As a facilitator, U-Connect provides direction and support for the organizer, so everyone can fully participate and put into place actionable plans. U-Connect encourages full participation and collaboration between all parties to ensure workable outcomes that can be implemented immediately.

Franchise Training equals Franchise Development

Franchise Training = Franchise Development

U-Connect’s Franchise Training starts with the model that has been provided by the Franchisor.  We work within this model to strengthen the core of the company.  Building a culture of learning and improvement is critical in Franchise Development and to the success of any company.


Situational Leadership® II Training

Situational Leadership® II (SLII) is the most widely taught leadership model in the world. SLII creates a shared process, language, and model for building leadership across all levels of an organization.

Management Essentials® Training

In Management Essentials, participants are introduced to the three secrets of successful managers: Goal Setting, Praising, and Redirecting. The program develops those secrets into a conversation framework that is easy for managers to understand and master.

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