Entrepreneurship – Hire the Right Employees

As quickly as economically possible, expand your staff. You can’t do it all by yourself. Make sure you hire the right number of people; too few is just as bad as too many. For example, if one employee is responsible for a big portion of your success, realize that if that person leaves, your company could be in jeopardy. You might consider breaking the critical parts of that single position into two separate positions, to minimize the risks of relying solely on one person. But whatever you do, don’t take on that extra responsibility yourself so that you’re doing the work. You’ll never expand your business that way.

Here are 4 Choices of Who to Hire:

Hire Someone who Complements You

Don’t hire someone who is exactly like you. You need to hire people who provide different levels of expertise than you do. And yet when hiring anyone, regardless of their expertise, you’ll find that it’s still important to make sure that they fit within the culture of your company. If they don’t, you won’t be happy, they won’t be happy and production will suffer.

Hire a Product Development Expert

Your employees must be committed to growing the revenue of your company. The first step to revenue growth is making sure you have a high quality product or hiring someone who has the expertise to improve your product. If your product isn’t of high quality, you’ll lose clients quickly and gain a poor reputation in the community and market place. Word spreads quickly!

Hire a Rainmaker

Thirdly, hire someone to help you sell. Especially if you don’t like to sell, this person will be extremely critical to getting your company off the ground quickly. In fact, I highly recommend that you hire someone who can service and sell — with an emphasis on sales. Many times it’s hard to find one person with both of these skills, but I’m telling you from experience, you don’t want someone who services and refuses to sell. In my opinion, even when you start to build out your firm and you have more service people, you’ll still want your service people to sell — this criterion is essential for the continued growth of your company. Your service people must also understand how to upsell products as much as possible.

Keep in mind that any employee you hire, especially in the beginning, must be able to bring in revenue to the company. Every employee needs to understand that the success of the company depends on earning more clients. Even the person in charge of product development is selling. Without that individual making your product better, you have nothing to sell.

Hire Administrative Help

The fourth person you should hire is an administrative person who can perform a multitude of tasks. He or she becomes your support. If this hire also happens to bring you someone with a talent or even a liking for sales, that would be great as well! You might find someone just starting out or just getting back into the workforce who would like to be in sales but doesn’t have the sales skills yet, and that’s fine. You or your salesperson can teach them the skills that will help grow your company.