5. Opportunity

• Unlimited opportunity

You are now the no limit person with unlimited opportunity! Open your mind and your heart to all that surrounds you. You will be surprised to find opportunities that are literally sitting on your doorstep that you didn’t see before because your mind was closed to them. Now that you are starting to understand that you are the light and you are the visionary – not some other person or entity – your “take charge” attitude will help you excel in all opportunities that are set on your path. All you have to do is pick them up!

• Outsourcing by other companies – means a new business for you

One of the fantastic effects of this great country is the constant change in economics and structure. As time progresses we see more and more entrepreneurial opportunities with the outsourcing of many positions within companies. This may look like downsizing to you, while actually it is right-sizing to the economy and helping you to start your own company. Look at all the opportunities that continue to unveil themselves as corporate structures continue to shift to better align themselves in their marketplaces.