6. Challenge

• Get out of the mundane

Finally you are able to get out of that box you have been in and start to do what you have always wanted to do. So many people live a mundane life and then look back and wonder why they didn’t take a risk. You are in charge now – take that leap of faith in yourself and move forward.

• Challenge yourself

How many times have you looked at what you do in an eight-hour workday and wonder how this is making you stronger or getting you to the next level in your life? I cannot stress enough how easy it is to take what you know and simply move it into your own business. At first you will think this is just too simple – how can my current skills be so easily placed into my new company? Realize the company you may be working for now has been paying you for a reason – you have a skill – now use it for your own benefit and the benefit of your soon-to-be clients.

• Create opportunity within opportunity

Continue to look deep into the opportunities set before you. Where there is opportunity there is a niche that is set and waiting specifically for you. Ready, Set, Go! The time is now!