CONSISTENCY – is the name of the game.  Without a consistent way of doing business, whether you are a corporation, franchise, or small business, no one really knows what you want. Nor do you have a clear picture of where you are going.

Consistency does a number of things for you:

  1. Eliminates Mistakes
  2. Takes away the fear of someone using their own way of running your business.
  3. Creates clarity for the staff AND the customer.
  4. Customer knows what they will get every time no matter what location they go to.

Consistency really starts by having a clear vision of where you want to go.  What is your end goal and as others follow, will they in turn see the clear vision you have in your mind.

Policies.  Make sure everyone understands the absolute minimum standards they must uphold.  This is where policies come into play.  Policies are the “have too’s” if someone is going to work for you or buy your franchise or other locations.  They are simple and clear and should be contractually bound to do business with you.

Procedures.  These set the standards for how your business will be performed.  From how customers are greeted when the walk in the door, hop on a zoom call, have emails or any type of connection is handled with your customers.  Wow, what better way to impress a client than through these detail – consistent procedures they experience every time and with every employee or franchisee they work with.

Procedures should be written in extreme detail – while also keeping the end goal in mind.

Always be thinking of the Win, Win, WinWin for you, Win for your staff, franchise, client and the final WIN for every connection that is made because of the great experiences had by all!

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