What is Customer Service? – 7 Things Not to Do!

What is Customer Service? - Creating Long Term Clients. I can’t state enough how important customer service is to your business. This customer-focused approach should permeate everything that everyone in your company does! Consider the difference that outstanding service makes to you when you...

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Success – The Ingredients of OverAchievers

My brother and I were talking yesterday. He made a statement to me, he said “Holly, you and I have a hard time comprehending that there are people out there with little-to-no ambition and no matter what you do, or try to do for them, they do not care or want to work as hard as you do to get what they want in life. They will settle for...

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What is Negotiation?

How to Negotiate Like a Pro. Negotiation comes into play when two or more parties have a difference in opinion on the ultimate outcome of any given situation. Winning a negotiation means that all parties are in agreement and, in some way, everyone wins in the final outcome.

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Business Administration – The Gatekeeper

Getting Through the Front Door

We are interviewing Patricia Pollmann from Office Max today. Patricia has been an Administrative Professional for more than 40 years. Why? Because she loves it. Her ability to connect with people and establish trust is one-of-a-kind.

Over a nice piece of apple pie and many other tasty treats we discussed everything from learning how to type on a manual Royal Typewriter to the power an Administrative Professional has in an organization. Why? Because her job is...

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