Where is the Need?

One of the ways to start your business is to find a job or task that no one else likes to do. Simply put, if a task isn’t someone’s core area of expertise, or if it can be inconvenient, difficult, or cost-prohibitive to do themselves, then people may consider hiring someone else to do it for them.

Dig deep into your skills and abilities and look for potential products or services in which you have an expertise that fills a need. Find a product or service that fixes the problem or make someone else’s job easier. Where there is pain, there is gain in the business world. If you can identify an area where people need help you can provide a solution, you’ll enjoy great success.

This is an excerpt from Entrepreneur You.

Get to Work…

Identify three target areas in three different areas of your life where services or products could be used but are not being used or could be utilized at a higher level with your expertise. This could be the seed of starting your own business. Determine how you can provide the solutions.