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You are about to begin the journey of your life. Starting your own business will give you the freedom and sense of accomplishment you have always strived for.

Join us on a one day adventure into the world of entrepreneurship!

Workshop Outline:

Part #1: Defining your Company!

You are ready, the time is now. This session will empower you to start your company now. All you need are the tools and clarity to make it happen. Identify with certainty what you want, the kind of business you want to build and how to make money while doing it.

  • How Important it is to Embrace Your Opportunities
  • Identifying Your Options
  • Yes, Looking Forward to Change!

Part #2: Lay the Foundation for Success

Lay the foundation of your new company on a clear path.   Learn the importance of changing debilitating habits now and creating the self-confidence you need to be optimistic in the face of any problem that comes your way.

  • How to Erase Bad Habits
  • Eliminate the Fear Factor and Gain Self-Confidence
  • Why you Need to Keep Away from Naysayers!

Part #3: Target Your Market Based Upon Your Value

It’s time for clients! Follow easy steps to learn how to get to the market you need to in as short of time as possible. Obtaining clients is one of many entrepreneurs’ biggest fears. They are afraid the “build it and they will come” theory won’t work for them. Well now is the time to find out how to get them knocking on your door!

  • Know Your Value Proposition
  • Why you must Identify Your Clients
  • Leveraging the Internet and Social Networking
  • How to Improve Your Networking Skills

Part #4: Opening the Door to Closing Sales and Keeping Them

Now you’ve done your networking and you’ve got a bite! How do you close that deal now! Follow these simple steps and you will have your first sell and many more to come.

  • How to Get Those Sales!
  • Building Client Relationships
  • Fine Tune Your Approach to Sales

Part #5: Inside the Shop

Golden rule #1: The customer always comes first! Learn how to service your clients and build customer service models for your team to use when the time is ready! Plus…remember “you win some and you lose some”. Learn how to look at rejection as an opportunity. Lastly, who do you hire and when? Always hire with the end outcome in mind!

  • The Six CORE Rules to Customer Service
  • How to listen: 7 things not to do
  • How to Get Over Rejection
  • How to Hire the Right Employees
  • Finding the Right Vendors

Part # 6: Congratulations – You are an Entrepreneur!

You are on the road to greatness! Now is the time to make sure you get what you want when you want – learn natural negotiation techniques that will even surprise you when you get the results you asked for! Secondly identify those vendors that are important to the success of your business and how to interview them to build the strength of the company. Plus you will learn business plan basics to keep you on the road to success!

  • How to Negotiate Like a Pro
  • When to Take the Lead
  • Understanding the Importance of Systems
  • Why you need to Surround Yourself with Expertise
  • Risks and Optimism
  • Don’t Forget -Take Out the Trash!
  • Live in Optimism