The Third of Four Steps of How to Handle Objections in Sales

As a sales consultant, one of the most common topics I am asked about with Sales Training is to help with is Objection Handling. Sales Training Objection Handling is one of those areas where EVERYONE wishes there was a magic bullet that would just MAKE the client want what you have to offer.

There is a Magic Bullet! Wait for it…’s called Trust!

I know it sounds way to simple, right? But it certainly is not. If you break trust – you will never get it back. I know, I know many say you can earn it back, but TRUST me rarely does this happen.

So how does trust happen? Does it happen by saying “Buy now and I’ll give you what you want?” NO. It happens by saying I’ll give you what you want once I understand how I can help you.

You’ve heard me say it before —- what’s a four-letter word for SELL —- it’s HELP. There are four steps to gaining trust – and it spells help.

Here is the link to the first step in Objection Handling, the H in H.E.L.P. – Help

Here is the link to the second step in Objection Handling, the E in H.E.L.P. – Education.

Here is the third of four steps:

Step Three:

L = H.E.L.P.

Lead – Lead the sales call. Lead the sales visit.

It is your job to steer this ship – not the client. This is why it is important that you know exactly what you are going to discuss and why. The more research you do prior to the call the easier the sell becomes.

The more high gain questions you have in your basket – the smoother the conversation is.

To learn about High Gain Questions, follow this link to my blog on High Gain Questions.

Lead the conversation and objections will disappear.

What are Objections – simply a call for HELP.

Remember your product may not be the right fit. If it is not HELP them find the right solution.

I’ll give you an example from a call I had just the other day. I followed the HELP method and found out in the H that this was not going to be a good fit. But I continued through to E – Educate. I helped my client to understand why my product was not a good fit, AND I also gave them a solution that I know would fit their needs.

What did I get in return? Two things:

I received an excellent referral that became a client
AND earned additional respect AND I provided the client the HELP they needed!

Always lead – By leading the sell you are able to stay on time with your call and also obtain the information you need to get your prospect to the next level.

The other part of leading that may not be as transparent is that it shows your level of confidence. It shows you prospect that you know what you’re are doing and the you have done your homework – about them and your industry.

Confidence is what sells your services. You must be confident throughout the complete process. This takes practice. Never go into a call cold – always be prepared and rehearsed – you will then become natural and sure of yourself. Remember you are the expert.

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