The Fourth of Four Steps of How to Handle Objections in Sales

As a sales consultant, one of the most common topics I am asked about with Sales Training is to help with is Objection Handling. How to Handle Objections in Sales is one of those areas where EVERYONE wishes there was a magic bullet that would just MAKE the client want what you have to offer.

There is a Magic Bullet! Wait for it… it’s called Trust!

I know it sounds way to simple, right? But it certainly is not. If you break trust – you will never get it back. I know, I know many say you can earn it back, but TRUST me rarely does this happen.

So how does trust happen? Does it happen by saying “Buy now and I’ll give you what you want?” NO. It happens by saying I’ll give you what you want once I understand how I can help you.

You’ve heard me say it before —- what’s a four-letter word for SELL —- it’s HELP. There are four steps to gaining trust – and it spells help.

Here is the link to the first step in Objection Handling, the H in H.E.L.P. – Help

Here is the link to the second step in Objection Handling, the E in H.E.L.P. – Education.

Here is the link to the third step in Objection Handling, the L in H.E.L.P. – Lead.

Here is the fourth of four steps:

Step Four:

P = H.E.L.P.

Propose and Plan

Propose and Plan – just like in marriage, it’s a pretty simple step – simply ask – what would you like to do? There is never a need for a hard sell. If you are having to close the deal then you do not have a deal.

When you are providing information about your services, make sure that they are completely wrapped around the prospects needs – not yours.

Is the product or service a good fit for them? If yes great!

What can you do to make it even better?

How can you HELP your client to get 110% benefit from your offering?

What can you provide to them AFTER they have chosen to use your services?

Sweeten the pot with long term goals and a plan of action for the future. HELP them to see how what you are offering is not just for the short term, but that you are there by their side throughout the years to come.

Provide a detailed process for follow through and how you will be by their side every step of the way. Realize clients don’t buy what you do they buy WHY you do it. When you portray the trustworthy, confident person you are then you will obtain and maintain clients for many years to come. Those clients that I brought on seventeen years ago when I opened my doors are still with me today. Why? Because I care. Objections be gone!

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