How to Sell? – The Easiest of Sales Techniques

What’s the easiest way to get someone to buy something? …anything!

Think of two words…

Give up?


Yes, that is the answer! If you just LISTEN and are SILENT, you’d be surprised what you will learn!

I can’t tell you how many times I have overthought a sell and got in the way of a perfect opportunity for my client and for me!

Simply stop thinking about how to sell them whatever it is you have to offer and listen.

Listening is one of the greatest gifts we have.  This doesn’t mean that you are not prepared to help them find the answers.  You still need to do your homework prior to meeting with your client and build out the High Gain Questions specific to their needs.

(Check out our blog on developing High Gain Questions)

Understand your audience. Remember every second counts with your new prospect.  Don’t waste the silence or listening by injecting doubt or anticipation of the next question you are going to ask them.

Fill that time with your client’s thoughts and reside on their frequency – not your own.

You will find a calmness and an ability to truly understand their need and how you can help them through their journey and yours.

Learn How to Sell!

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Learn How to Sell!