Last night I went to a networking event in Chicago. The speaker was Jonny Imerman, Chief Mission Officer of Imerman Angels. Imerman Angels has one mission – one focus – to connect a cancer survivor with another person who is going through the same treatment for the same cancer or they are similar ages or somehow connecting to help the cancer victim. Their purpose to help people through this difficult time in their lives.

Why do I mention this? Well, the obvious reason is the wonderful cause and help they are providing to those in need and secondly Jonny (a cancer survivor and founder) spoke about how to market this great effort. They do not have grants, they never ask for money, but what they do is market by creating awareness. He mentioned the importance of branding – which can be found by what he wears – a T-shirt – with his fantastic logo anyone would want to buy.

Jonny related to the “power of the ground”. Otherwise feet on the ground – talking face-to-face and the importance of getting the message out in person. This is one of the reasons he holds events so he can get the message out to the many.

Jonny also mentioned the importance of getting to or selling those 3 or 4 powerful people or companies that can make a difference. As long as you deliver what it is that you are selling – your message will travel to other powerful people and the word will spread about you, your company or your cause.

For further information about Imerman Angels contact Jonny at or visit their website at