This is the first step to stronger Leadership – Understanding Yourself. So many times as new managers we are promoted into a position because of our excellent performance in another area. What we don’t understand is how to be a leader of the team.

The positive aspect is that you may have developed a level of respect and empowerment while working on the team. The possible negative aspect is now you are changing roles and you will need to work hard to keep that respect going at a different level. Management is all about mutual respect, helping to guide your team and delivering on your promises.

Understand Yourself First

In understanding yourself first, analyze what kind of leader you are or aspire to be. There are those that are managers and not leaders, which means you manage and dictate by authority and power instead of listening and collaborating with your team. And there are those who are extremely nice – in fact so nice that everyone steps all over them and they are not able to obtain goals because they are reluctant to enforce rules and deadlines.

And then there are those that are just right. Willing and able to share their experience and collaborate with team members to ensure they understand their position and the organizational goals. Also, to understand when improvement is needed.

Which type of manager are you? Which style would you like to be? Take inventory of where you are at now. Determine the steps and set goals to get to where you want to be.

The next post will be step two: Leadership – Understanding Your Team.