How to Network

High Gain Questions

Starting conversations is a whole lot easier when you have a list of questions at the ready. These “high gain questions” allow you to get into meaningful conversations at networking events more quickly and with more skill. I go into a lot more detail about high gain questions in the next section of this chapter, but here’s a quick introduction to get you started.

Your high gain questions will help you network more efficiently. You’ll want to practice these before you go into the networking group so you can effortlessly converse with your next new friend. Meanwhile, go through your own answers to each of these questions ahead of time; that way, you’ll be able to respond easily to the questions your new friend will probably ask you, and you’ll create a real conversation that flows comfortably. This M.A.P. Y.O.U. formula makes networking easy because it helps you get to know your new friend and to focus your conversation to ensure you’re spending your time wisely.

This is an excerpt from Entrepreneur You.