Networking for Business

Know Your Goals

Have you ever gone to an event hoping that you’ll meet someone who will want to do business with you? You dart around the room, moving from person to person, telling them all about what you do and what you sell. By the end of the night you’re exhausted and you have nothing to show for it. Or maybe you went to the event and only hung around people you already know because that was your soft cozy blanket, and you closed off your circle to everyone else.

In both situations you’ve made an effort. You got out of your cave and out of your car, but you didn’t network with purpose. You have to know why you’re net- working in order to get the results you want.

So why do you go to a networking event? If you say you’re there to sell a particular product or service, you’re partially right. But another reason you’re there might be because you’re looking for like-minded people who understand you and your purpose in life.

As you walk into any networking event, remind yourself why you are there. Keep in the front of your mind:

• What you want to accomplish.

• Who you want to talk to.

• Why it’s important for you to be there.

• What you have to give.

Then expect the best, because you’ll get it!

This is an excerpt from Entrepreneur You.