Open Ended Questions = High Gain Questions in Sales

Have you ever heard the saying it’s not what you know, it’s how you say it?

I was at a networking event the other day.  It was an expo where we had our own booth.  I always like to arrive early so I can meet the vendors before the event begins.  Now at this point you might say – WHY?  Well, for starters “WHY” is a great way to start a High Gain Question.  Guess what, you will now obtain information from me that is much more than just a “yes” or “no” answer – because you asked WHY!

…I find vendors at an event could be potential clients or potential competitors.  Either way I want to know WHAT they do, WHY they do it and have the TELL ME MORE ABOUT IT!

These three Open Ended Questions – High Gain Questions will lead me down the path I want to ascertain whether they are someone I can H.E.L.P. (help, educate, listen, provide).

Please take a look at my previous post on Ask “High Gain” Questions for further information on this critical area in sales.

For example, one person I met – Christine. She was setting up a fantastic display of jewelry.  Inexpensive – great grab-and-go type of product.  I talked to her about her jewelry and asked WHY she does what she does.  Come to find out it’s some great extra income. and she can get her son involved.  From there I asked WHAT else she does. She is actually a graphic designer for a large company.  We continued the conversation and my natural curiosity kicked in and I wanted to know more TELL ME MORE ABOUT THAT!  WHO she worked for, WHAT size of company?  HOW many sales people?  Come to find out there were more than 100 sales people.  She gave me the Director of sales name and an introduction to him.

…and all this came from the question WHAT.   Your next step is to build a process around your High Gain Questions to ensure you obtain the information you need to  H.E.L.P. your new client and get them to the next level in WHAT they do.   Your job is to give.  But you only do so if you care enough to ask!

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