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I want to share with you one of the most powerful ways in the world to close a sell.

Don’t do it!

You should never have to close a sell, the sell should close itself. What do I mean by that?

It is simply described in one-word “assume”. In Sales Coaching – Assuming the Sale, this means is to assume the sell from the beginning. Before you get on the phone, before you walk in the door – in Sales and Selling, you must assume the person on the other end is going to need and buy your product or service.

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What you want to do is open the door by assuming the sell. It all starts with self-confidence and self-confidence comes from ensuring you are at your peak capacity to absorb information. That you are ready to deliver the highest quality of information based upon your self-confidence and product knowledge. That you are in complete control of the situation.

Sales Coaching – Assuming the Sale

In order to assume the sell, you must be aware of and deliver in the following three areas:

  • Self-Confidence
  • Preparedness
  • Visualization


If you do not have self-confidence the following 4 areas are affected:

Capacity: You lose your capacity to provide or give information because you no longer feel confident in your ability to give it.

Quality: The quality of your work diminishes because you no longer feel worth and your ability to provide quality work becomes doubtful in your own mind.

Growth: If you lack self-confidence, your ability to grow and excel in the area that you are not confident in will shrink even more and you lose your ability to expand.

Control: The most critical area that affects you is no longer feeling in control of the situation.

Therefore, before you can move forward in assuming the sell, you must be self-confident. The next two steps in the processes will improve your self-confidence and get you to the next level:


The more you know about your subject matter and the more you know about your audience and their needs and potential objections, the easier task you have in assuming the sell. You will never have to sell again once you understand the power of doing your homework and knowing when you walk in that door or answer the phone that your client is waiting for you and you will have all the answers and ability to help them with all of their needs.


The key that unlocks the door to self-confidence and preparedness is your ability to visualize. To begin with the end in mind. Once you visualize that the sell is already completed, the rest is easy. As long as you have brought your self-confidence to the conscious level and you have done all your homework all you need to do is visualize the sell being completed and the check is in your hand.

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