The Second of Four Steps of Sales Training Objection Handling.

As a sales consultant, one of the most common topics I am asked about with Sales Training is to help with is Objection Handling. Sales Training Objection Handling is one of those areas where EVERYONE wishes there was a magic bullet that would just MAKE the client want what you have to offer.

There is a Magic Bullet! Wait for it!…’s called Trust!

I know it sounds way to simple right? But it certainly is not. If you break trust – you will never get it back. I know, I know many say you can earn it back, but TRUST me rarely does this happen.

So how does trust happen? Does it happen by saying “Buy now and I’ll give you what you want?” NO. It happens by saying I’ll give you what you want once I understand how I can help you.

You’ve heard me say it before —- what’s a four letter word for SELL —- it’s HELP. There are four steps to gaining trust – and it spells H.E.L.P.

Here is the link to the first step in Objection Handling, the H in HELP.

Here is the second of four steps:

Step Two:

E = H.E.L.P.

This one is easy – Educate.

Sales Education of your prospect does not mean that you “feature dump” meaning now that you know about them you begin to pontificate about ALL the great things your product and company can do. That’s a BIG NO!!

Now is the time to educate your prospect on all the information you have surrounding the subject matter – which would be your product or service. Say for example if I were to be speaking to someone about bringing me in to help with their sales team. I would not to speak about my services i.e.; face-to-face workshops, online workshops, detailed information about MY workshops. This would become a “what’s in it for me” (WIIFM) instead of a “what’s in it for you” (WIIFY) conversation.

Instead I would find out more about what their needs. Find out now who the audience is – this is also a good place to find out some possible issues that might arise.

Are they a fit for your product?

What are they doing now?

How many sales people to they have?

Who are they using now?

When are they looking to make the change?

What do they like about the current situation?

What do they not like?

This is the time to find out what could be stopping them.

Sales Education is critical here. The value of your relationship is built here. It is built on trust.

Trust has Two Sides To It

1. Relationship – build the strong relationship from the beginning. From the time you talk to them on the phone – gather personal pieces of information throughout the conversation that continue to show you care and you know what their needs are.

2. Education – meaning that you are now helping your client to see that you are an expert in your field. Not just an expert in your company, but in your field. This is where you show them that you have done your homework. Before you talk to your prospect you should thoroughly research your client – their website, their public information. Research information on the individual you are talking to. You will be surprised what you can learn!

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