Selling the WHY

Combining the Human Being with the Human Buying

My product is the best thing ever made! …Really? Who says? You? Did you even ask me if I need it or even want it? No? Why should I care? …WHAT HAPPENED HERE?  It’s called NOT Selling the Why.

Have you ever found yourself rambling on and on about how great your product is basically saying BUY NOW! BUY NOW! BUY NOW! …and wonder why… slowly your to-be-client just walks away and politely stops answering your emails. …WOW! NO SELL AND NOW YOU ARE BEING GHOSTED.

How about if we made life and sales soooo simple and comfortable all you had to do was HELP.
Yep – that’s right HELP.

How about just finding out Why they would want or need your product? Wouldn’t that be the right thing to do? Don’t Sell – Do Care!

SIMPLE AND EASY…Find out The Why Behind the Buy. What does this mean? It’s asking Why-Buy Questions that open the client up to share with you their Why and their Companies Why in a very simple consistent way.

When you combine the human being with the human buying you will soon find out why it’s so important to build a line of questioning that allows the client to take into consideration their own human instincts to protect first and then open up to new ideas and trust second.

This is why when you build a line of questioning that starts with the company needs and then move to the individual standing in front of you – second – you will find that your client will open up to their company needs and then personally why your product or service can make a difference.

Please use this link to discover how Open Ended Questions = High Gain Questions in Sales.

People do not like to be SOLD to, but they LOVE to buy!

When you are in charge of the sell and you have mapped out the journey for them, you will soon find selling is no more than caring.

Sales Training Curriculum

Sales Training Course
Sales Training!

The Ultimate Secrets to How to Sell! DO IT NOW!
In this sales course, you will discover the Why Behind the Buy.  If you truly believe in the product or service that you are offering, then you will want to make sure that every single person or company that is attracted to your product truly understands and believes in your ability to help them and their company get to the next level in what they are doing.  No buyers remorse here!

In this course you will be able to identify the WHY in you and your client before you even begin the sell.

Discovery and the depth of the sell come from the ultimate preparation and treasure chest of questions that lead you and your client down the path of closing sales now.

In this simple 7 chapter course you will be able to quickly close sales now.  Don’t wait to learn the secrets to the sell.  You will have everything you need to close sales now AND have a consistent model to plug into for every client meeting you have.


Sales Training Curriculum