Thoughts become Things. Which has so much to do with sales and selling. That is why the magic of closing deals is so simple. Simply if you can see it, then it will happen.

This is called “assuming the sell.” If you can’t see it, IT won’t happen. The more you believe the more it will be …you get my drift. When I talk to a potential new client, I never think of them as “potential new client,” I think of them as a long-term client that I am building a portfolio of products for. A client that gives me an idea that I can build my products and services around to create the ultimate experience for them.

I begin the conversation by finding out what their needs are. Once I understand my client’s needs, I can then fulfill their needs. One of the great experiences I like to have is the ability to go into the client’s location and observe and learn about the people that want my help. Through observations and interactions, I can then understand the inner workings of the organization.

By knowing the inner workings and digging deeper and getting to know the individual personalities, I then can start to put the puzzle together and better understand how I can help my client for many years to come.

Never look at a sell as a one-time only. Think of every client as an opportunity to grow and build the business. Not only can you build the business through digging deep within the organization, but you can also build business by obtaining referrals from all levels of the organization for new business. You would be surprised to see the connections as you dig deep within the organization.

This is when the sales process becomes rich and full of strength.

Yes, Thoughts become Things. And those “things” will continue to blossom as you continue to expand your ability to connect in the selling process.

Take a look at my post on Sales – Ask High Gain Questions. This will help develop those Thoughts into Things.

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