Three Areas of Sales to Know – Number One

When I first started in business I did not look forward to sales at all – I thought sales meant you had to “sell” something to someone. When in actuality it is simply educating someone about a product or service that they didn’t have sufficient if any information on. Once a client understood how this wonderful product or service would benefit them, then they would either choose to use it or not. There are areas of knowledge that make this transition of education easier.

Here is the First of Three Areas to Know:

Know Your Client

Do you remember a previous blog in February when we talked about targeting your market?
– See Marketing | Based Upon Your Value – Use that knowledge now. Back up that general understanding you have of your target market with specific research on the person or company you’re selling to. Especially if you’re selling to other businesses, visit their website and note what you see. If possible, talk to current or past customers or vendors. Learn every aspect of the products or services they offer. How will your products or services offer them solutions? Have they won any awards recently or have they added a new product line or service? Read up on their industry, too. Are there any particular economic or regulatory challenges the entire industry is struggling with?

Know as much as you possibly can about your client, so that you can identify their key challenges and provide solutions.

Stay tuned for the Second Area to Know in my next post.