Let No One Ruin Your Dream

Naysayers are like pirates out to steal your treasures! They will take all your gems, all your loved ones, and all your passion and use it for themselves! Haha! OK, that might be a little drastic, but not really.

I have a client that has been working for the same company for 20 years. We were having a discussion about what he really wants to be doing in life. He said “I would love to start my own company, but I’ll do that next year.” Then without hardly taking a breath he says: “Did you know I had a stroke last year? I know I’m only 40 – fully recovered.”

It was like waiving a red flag in front of a bull. I bluntly said to him “You had a stroke last year, you don’t know what the next year will bring and you are going to put your life on hold for one more year? I’m sorry what’s wrong with this picture?”

Sometimes clients need to be shocked into the reality of things. He obviously told me about the stroke in close to the same sentence as wanting to start his own company for a reason. He wanted someone to push him into reality and give him permission to live his life now before it’s too late.

He had been putting his whole life on hold for everyone else all his life. He does volunteer work when he’s not working, he is there for all of his children’s activities, and he is there every night for his wife. He said to me, “Holly I feel guilty carving time out for myself.”

When he went home and told his wife about our conversation to start his own company, his wife became very upset and fearful that he would quit his job and start his own company.

Let me tell you, this man is amazing. I am not at liberty to divulge any of his information, but let me tell you, the qualifications he has to start his own business with three separate services are absolutely amazing. He could start any one or all of those services today and start making money. He could start to build his business now and still keep his day job.

Instead – for sure he has two naysayers: His wife and even more importantly himself.

He will continue to throw tasks and other people in his path until he realizes that there is nothing to be afraid of in starting his own company. That there is nothing wrong with spending time on what he wants to do in life.

Because the God’s honest truth is we never know how long we have on this earth and if you don’t follow your passion now, you might not be here tomorrow to live it.